I am Heidi. Heart daughter of Helen. Birth daughter of Irene. Granddaughter of Sue and Alma. Great granddaughter of Honey and Tiburisia and those I cannot name.  I am birth mother to Julia and heart mother to Mason, Brooke and Dylan and little Heidi.

Calling out the mother line is one of the rituals at the beginning of the red tent circle. In honoring the mother line, we connect to the divine mother within and recognize our own inherent beauty and value. When we choose to love ourselves, we are walking in the light of our beauty. I was raised to hide in my shadow, but I can choose to step out of the dark. We are all born to bring something beautiful. And that includes me.

RIGHT NOW, without changing one thing, I am enough. I do not need to be anything but who I am.  I am the beautiful, magical divine mother love that supports us all.


One thought on “Honoring the Mother Line

  1. Thank you. This hits me where I live today. A day of gray inbetween- magic and normal life are close together today. honoring and grounding deep into myself is furthered by your beautiful words. And, thank you thank you for so much Rumi!!!

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